Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award

The Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division and McGraw Hill

Present the Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award

The Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division and McGraw Hill present an annual award ($1500) to the person(s) who develops and implements an innovation in entrepreneurship pedagogy for either graduate or undergraduate education.  The innovation must be a full course that is focused on entrepreneurship.  Although innovations in program of courses or in individual exercises are certainly valuable, they will not be considered for this award.

The purpose of the award is to encourage not only innovations in pedagogy, but also dissemination of such innovations.   Criteria for evaluation of nominations include the novelty/innovativeness of the pedagogy; how transferable it is to other schools or professors; and support for the nomination from students, alumni, administrators, the community, etc.

Self-nominated proposals are encouraged!  Nominations should include the following materials:

–          – a 100 word abstract of the innovation

–          – a 3-5 page description of the innovation, including why it is novel and transferable

–          – any supporting exhibits including supporting letters from students or other educators who have experienced or used the new pedagogy (please limit this to no more than 5 supporting documents. Lengthy supporting documentation is not encouraged.)

–         Nominations and supporting exhibits should be submitted electronically to the Award Chair, so that materials can be shared with the entire Award Committee.

Submissions must be received by May 31, 2011. The nominations will be judged by members of the Entrepreneurship Division Teaching Committee, and the winner will be notified by the end of June.  The award winner must attend the annual Academy of Management Conference to receive their award at the Entrepreneurship Division Business Meeting.  Please note that the winning nomination will be posted on the Entrepreneurship Division Website and a write-up about the award will appear in the Entrepreneurship Division Newsletter.

Please direct nominations and questions to:

Linda Edelman – Award Chairperson

Bentley University

e-mail: ledelman @     Phone: 781-891-2530

Committee Members:

Melissa Cardon – Pace University

Alain Fayolle – EM Lyon

Elissa Grossman – Loyola Marymount University

J. Michael Haynie – Syracuse University

Jill Kickul – New York University

Heinz Klandt – European Business School

Tom Mierzwa – University of Maryland

Jeff McMullen – University of Indiana

Noam Wasserman – Harvard University