Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Research Summer School


Deadline: 30 May 2023

To know more: https://ecosys2023.sciencesconf.org/

This Summer School aims to provide the opportunity for early career researchers and PhD students to discuss, network and collaborate with fellow scholars on entrepreneurial ecosystems.
The Summer School takes place after the Winter School organized by Utrecht and the Innodays conference organized in 2022 by Adalia (Morocco), which have involved more than 100 scholars around the globe, to discuss entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The success of these events led the organizers to arrange this Summer School in Paris, which will be devoted to the nature, emergence and dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems.
The objective will be to take stock and look ahead regarding this research field.

We will address the challenges that arouse these recent years, regarding:
– The nature, evolution and connections between entrepreneurial ecosystems
– The orientation of entrepreneurial ecosystems and sub-ecosystems: productive, social, female, migrant and sustainable
– Theoretical approaches: network, complexity, place-based approaches, institutional theory, international perspective etc.
– Methodological issues, with a specific interest on longitudinal, web scrapping and Natural Language Processing approaches
– Empirical and public policy issues at macro, meso and micro levels

To do so, the Summer School will combine:
– Keynote sessions with leading scholars in the field: David Audretsch (Indiana University), Niels Bosma (Utrecht University), Erik Stam (Utrecht University), Christina Theodoraki (TBS Education)
– Paper development sessions
 Design thinking sessions, enabling interactive discussions
– Meet the editors session

The objective is to stimulate discussions coming from different disciplines (management sciences, economics, sociology and other social sciences), and with different methodological orientations.
The Summer School welcomes PhD students and early career scholars who are engaged in entrepreneurial ecosystem research in any setting. We offer a distinctive chance for participants to submit their proposals and manuscripts, which will be discussed in a focused Paper Development Session with senior scholars.
These sessions will enable the acceleration of the paper development process and contribute to the scholarly discussion on entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The Summer is organized by Chaire ETI (IAE Paris-Sorbonne, U. Paris I), Sorbonne Recherche en Management with Adalia Institute (Morocco), Utrecht U. (Netherlands), TBS (France), under the patronage of Académie de l’entrepreneuriat et de l’innovation and  EURAM ENT & INNO SIGs.