4th DIFE deadline extension

DIFE 2023 – Workshop “For a better understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem” – https://dife2023.sciencesconf.org

Chairs: Prof. Jean-Michel Sahut (IDRAC, FR), Prof. Didier Chabaud (IAE Paris-Sorbonne, FR), Ass. Prof. Christina Theodoraki (TBS, FR) & Dr. Grégory Gueneau (ADALIA, MA)

The entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) refers to a heterogeneous network of interactive, contingent, or evolving actors, organizations, institutions, or processes that may interact (in a more or less coordinated manner and to varying degrees) in a value-creation process to promote or support entrepreneurship (Chasserio et al., 2022; Gueguen, 2020). Theodoraki and Messeghem (2017) depict EE through three layers or levels of actors: (1) the meso level includes the different EE actors that are, e.g., state agencies, local governments, chambers of commerce and industry (CCI), etc.; (2) the macro level encompasses the different networks that are, e.g, (2) the macro level encompasses the various networks, e.g., incubators, banks, support and financing structures, crowdfunding platforms, etc.; and (3) the micro level includes individuals, i.e., entrepreneurial project holders.

In an EE environment under tension due to the multiplicity of support actors, this specil interest group invites researchers to consider the following questions, amons others, to better understand EE and their impacts:

– What are the dynamics of EE? How can multi-level interactions between actors and other ecosystems be developed?

– How can EE be organized to benefit all stakeholders? How to measure the effectiveness of EE and guide public action?

– What is the role of innovative financing tools such as participatory financing platforms in these EE?

– What is the relationship between digital entrepreneurship (Sahut et al., 2021) and EE?

– How do EE enable the development of social entrepreneurship or CSR values?

Submission process

Interested contributors should submit preferably full papers in PDF files (in English or French), but extended abstracts (1,000 to 1,500 words) may also be considered if they show considerable promise, no later than May 31, 2023

A special issue in  GESTION 2000 (Scopus, Fnege cat. 3) with the best papers will be published after the conference: http://gestion2000.ichec.be 

We also invite you to submit your paper to the special issue of

  • Small Business Economics (ABS 3, Fnege cat. 2): Exogenous linkages of and between entrepreneurial ecosystems: Perspectives from Interregional and Global connectedness”,
  • Revue Internationale PME(Fnege cat. 2): Les écosystèmes entrepreneuriaux : du local au numérique”,
  • Management International / International Management / Gestiòn Internacional (Fnege cat. 2): Digital platforms as interfirm networks enabling innovation in an international context”.

Contact the chairs to submit your paper : diflyon2018 at gmail.com