Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education, Volume 3

International Perspectives

Edited by Alain Fayolle, EMLYON Business School, France
and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management,
In the third volume of the Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education leading international scholars explore the unique characteristics and rich variety of research in entrepreneurship education. They adopt several different perspectives, focusing on key issues and significant developments in the field.
This important Handbook takes an international perspective on entrepreneurship education. The contributors highlight the contextual dimension of entrepreneurship education and training, and provide strong insights into how researchers and educators can learn from international practice diversity. The volume covers a wide variety of pedagogical objectives and settings in entrepreneurship education while providing a plurality of cultural and institutional points of view.
Compelling and insightful, this book will prove to be of great interest to entrepreneurship researchers, academics and students wishing to understand the unique notions of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial learning. Executives in entrepreneurship supportive structures will also find this book an invaluable resource.
The companion volumes, Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education,

  • Volume 1: A General Perspective and Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education
  • Volume 2: Contextual Perspectives, study the current changes in entrepreneurship education at the paradigmatic, methodological and theoretical levels and present the importance of cultural, institutional, national and political contexts.

Contributors: D. Bian, N. Birdthistle, P. Blenker, S. Bureau, J. Byrne, P.R. Christensen, L. Coley, C. Collet, C. Coron,
D. Deschoolmeester, S. Duffy, A. Fayolle, J. Fendt, T. Garavan, S. Gee, J. Gulikers, E. Izquierdo, H. Jiang, C. Jones, N. Kailer,
J. Kickul, T. Lans, H. Matlay, R. Moon, H. Nekka, T. Nelson, B. Ó Cinnéide, D. Rae, Philippe Silberzahn, Pierre Silberzahn,
B.R. Smith

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