Fully funded PhD position in social entrepreneurship

Contrat doctoral en entrepreneuriat social. Maîtrise de la langue française (en plus de l’anglais) apprécié.

Lille Economics and Management (LEM UMR CNRS 9221) and IÉSEG School of Management invite applications for a fully funded Ph.D. Position in Social Entrepreneurship at its Paris Campus.


An alternative economic model for building a more just and sustainable society exists, and social entrepreneurship is a central driver. A social enterprise is based on three pillars that will be found in varying proportions: (1) a social and/or environmental purpose; (2) a viable economic project; (3) limited profit-making and democratic governance. The majority of social enterprises are created by teams (Ben-Hafaïedh & Dufays, 2021) and have, more generally, collective governance. While the lasting impact of entrepreneurial teams on conventional businesses has been demonstrated (Ben-Hafaïedh, 2017; Jin, et al., 2017; Klotz, Hmieleski, Bradley, & Busenitz, 2014), this dimension is hardly broached in the social entrepreneurship literature. Moreover, collective governance characteristics add a layer of idiosyncrasy to the governance of these companies.

This project aims at analyzing the antecedents of the performance of a social enterprise by focusing on the governance of the company in question. What are the levers of value creation, economic and social, in a social enterprise?

The project entails a hands-on approach, completing and analysing a database of social businesses distinguished by the National Prize for the Creator of a Social Enterprise (CREENSO; www.creenso.fr) managed by Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh at IÉSEG School of Management, and collecting extra data. Qualitative methodologies as well as a qualitative comparative approach (QCA) (Ben-Hafaïedh, 2009; Douglas, Shepherd, & Prentice, 2020; Wagemann, Buche, & Siewert, 2016) are currently considered.

The selected candidate will be working under the supervision of Dr. Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh and will be part of the IÉSEG Center for Organizational Responsibility research team (click here for more information).

FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO APPLY: https://recruitment.ieseg.fr/jobs/3742524-ph-d-position-in-social-entrepreneurship?promotion=955492-trackable-share-link-phd-social-entrepreneurship