Conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship Research: The state of the art & future perspectives

We would like to invite you in Sorbonne to discuss about a pervasive, diverse and important phenomenon: Migrant entrepreneurship.

The objective is both

  • to respond to public interest, to discuss the current state of knowledge, and to identify pressing issues the field faces;
  • to enable dialog between PhDs, early-career scholars and senior research fellows in order to focus debate, stimulate cooperation in research, and strengthen the research community.

Don’t hesitate to apply and meet with leading keynote scholars: Ivan Light (UCLA), Leo-Paul Dana (Dalhousie U.) and many others, during these two days

Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 15, 2023

(mas 1,500 words)



Senior research scholars have agreed to present papers that summarize the current state of knowledge in their specialty areas. Additionally, this conference solicits papers from graduate students and early career scholars. Their papers should respond to the general purpose of this event by contributing to the stock of knowledge regarding migrant entrepreneurship. We welcome papers addressing inter-disciplinary perspectives (Management, Social Sciences, Economics, and so on), empirically or theoretically oriented. All areas are welcome, and specifically:

  • Distinction and overlaps among basic concepts such as: (Im)migrants, diaspora, expatriate, ethnic minority, refugees, transnational entrepreneurship, mixed embeddedness, ethnic economy.
  • Methodological issues: Measuring the impact and operationalize the realities of (im)migrant entrepreneurship
  • The diversity of migrant entrepreneurship: status (refugees, expatriates, transnational, international…), gender and age, opportunity and necessity entrepreneurship
  • Processes of migrant entrepreneurship: Necessity and opportunity dynamics
  • Migrant entrepreneurship: evolution, stability and changes across time. Historical perspectives.
  • Institutional perspectives, and cross-country comparisons: Home/Host-countries perspectives, developed and emergent countries, diversity of national approaches
  • Migrations, networks, diasporas and embeddedness
  • Migrations, entrepreneurial ecosystems and institutions: how to stimulate, attract and retain migrant entrepreneurship? Support policies, attractiveness and political issues.
  • Cultural and family perspectives
  • Migrant women’s entrepreneurship

The conference will provide opportunities to discuss these papers in interactive paper development sessions.