Workshop, Sept. 17, 2013

A possible Road for Fostering Socially Justifiable Ventures in a Networked Society


Time: 14.00/17.00

Venue: Université Paris-Dauphine

avec la particpation de l’AEI (Académie de l’Entrepreneuriat et e l’Innovation) et de PEER (Pan European Entrepreneurship Research)

Moderators: Catherine Leger Jarniou


The Idea: To start and succeed to be an entrepreneur is very much about communication – communication to justify what you are trying to do when providing something new. A modern way to communicate is to be an active part of social media – media which are, by and large, unexplored in the entrepreneurial context, but media which are extremely powerful. You only have to think about Facebook, blogging and YouTube (three major social media, used by several millions of people) to realize this fact.

This workshop is intended to be interactive (a dialogue between some researchers and the audience) in order to explore the possibilities of relating entrepreneurship to social media.


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Workshop gratuit