Handbook of Research on Elderly Entrepreneurship

This handbook introduces readers to the concept of elderly entrepreneurship, and analyzes key issues concerning individuals and institutions. In addition, it presents theoretical and empirical studies exploring the reasons why elderly persons choose to pursue entrepreneurship, despite their advanced age. To investigate this comparatively new entrepreneurial phenomenon, the contributors address psychological, sociological and gerontological aspects, and share unique interdisciplinary insights. The book’s chapters are methodologically diverse, and the scale of analysis ranges from individual cases to country-level patterns. At a time when the world’s major economies are facing a demographic challenge due to ageing populations, elderly entrepreneurship may provide new economic opportunities and motivate more inclusive policymaking.

Adnane Maalaoui is the head of the entrepreneurship programs at IPAG Business School. His research mainly focuses on issues of entrepreneurship, and in particular on disadvantaged entrepreneurs (such as elderly, immigrant, and disabled entrepreneurs). He works on topics such as entrepreneurial intention and the cognitive approach to entrepreneurship. He mainly applies those questions to cases of diversity. Adnane Maalaoui is the author of more than twenty articles published in academic journals; he has also written articles published in professional journals and in edited books. Adnane is the author of a series of French language MOOCs on entrepreneurship.