Corporate Entrepreneurship Workshop – EM LYON

Corporate Entrepreneurship Workshop June 20 & 21st in Lyon, France

The first annual Corporate Entrepreneurship workshop, which will be hosted by Alain Fayolle and Kathleen Randerson at the EM Lyon Business School.

Corporate Entrepreneurship research: Where are we and where can we go from here?

Corporate Entrepreneurship has, since the 1980’s, been a center of interest for scholars and managers. Since D. Miller’s 1983 seminal work, great efforts have been made to differentiate CE and strategic management, to identify potential positive outcomes of CE, such as performance and growth, to elucidate the specificities of CE in family businesses.  More recently, the influence of HRM, culture, or education on CE have received much attention. Even though the body of literature qualifying and quantifying CE is large, is it consistent? How can we build on this knowledge considering the important economic and societal changes that have since occurred?

This brought us to organize a workshop, in partnership with the ECSB, on the theme: “Corporate Entrepreneurship research: where are we, and where can we go from here?
Professor Shaker A. Zahra will deliver a keynote speech.

Breakout sessions will be organized for the following themes:

• Corporate Entrepreneurship and HRM, chaired by James Hayton, Newcastle University Business School
• Corporate Entrepreneurship in family businesses chaired by Salvatore Sciascia, IULM University- Milan
• Corporate Entrepreneurship and culture chaired by Carlo Salvato, Università Bocconi
• Corporate Entrepreneurship and growth chaired by Rainer Harms, Twente University
• Corporate Entrepreneurship and strategy chaired by Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota

Looking forward to welcoming you in Lyon!

Alain Fayolle and  Kathleen Randerson

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