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2nd Research Day in “Social Entrepreneurship”

2nd Research Day in “Social Entrepreneurship”

Fribourg, January30th and 31th 2014

Workshop and Special Issue on International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IJESB)

« An alternative way for innovation:
Re-Questioning the tradition within the Social Economy and social entrepreneurship »

Research Lab at ESG Management School, University Parthenope of Naples, Grenoble Ecole de Management, & Institute For Entrepreneurship & SME at HEG de Fribourg & Centre de Recherche en Entrepreneuriat at EM Lyon

We mostly welcome papers that could answer these two generic questions by proposing any contribution on the following topics:

– New Organization form for creating and running a business in social economy;

– Social Innovation;

– Link between innovation and tradition in the Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship;

– Innovative Business Models in the Social Economy;

– Professionalization of the Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship.


We also welcome other articles with topics directly linked to Social Entrepreneurship and the Social Economy:

– Nascent Entrepreneurship and motivation for creating a business within the Social Economy;

– Institutions within the Social Economy;

– Profiles of the Social Entrepreneur;

– Business Models within the Third Sector and Social Entrepreneurship;

– Education in and for Social Entrepreneurship and the Third Sector;

– Coaching and financing social Entrepreneurship;

– Business Opportunity in the Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship.


Articles should be submitted to the organizers of the conference: amaalaoui  @


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