7th Annual Conference of Social Entrepreneurs: Measuring Social Impact.


Seventh Annual Conference of Social Entrepreneurs: Measuring Social Impact.

We will bring together leading experts from the public, non-profit, for-profit and academic fields committed to furthering the field of social impact measurement and impact investing. This conference will present strategies and techniques on how to measure an organization’s social impact that is relevant to investors and other key stakeholders across a variety of social sectors.

Great strides have been made in our field, but the ability to measure and communicate the impact of a venture’s efforts still remains a significant challenge for most organizations.  This conference will provide the:

  • Latest perspectives and approaches in assessing social impact for a broad range of stakeholders and investors
  • Lessons learned in outcome measurement for social value creation
  • How to leverage existing resources, tools, and other metric innovations for tomorrow

Opportunity to connect with a vibrant and active community of social innovators focused on measuring change and demonstrating impact

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